NATIONAL SECURITY VS. PETTY POLITICS….Matt Welch writes about the Plame affair for his Canadian readers:

But even the most generous possible interpretation of events — minimizing Plame’s covertness, maximizing Wilson’s partisan motives and assuming the leakers acted alone — still provides more evidence of the Bush administration’s most alarming pathologies. These are people who all too frequently confuse themselves with the U.S. government, see their enormous power as a tempting means to an end, and treat their critics like enemies of the state.

….President George W. Bush has known for more than two months that someone in his White House uncovered a CIA source during a week when his administration was overtly tarnishing the source’s husband. Dealing with this rancid fact promptly, and seriously, will be an important sign that national security and public morality are more important than the petty politics of any given day.

Well said.