NEWSWEEK FINGERS MATTHEWS….Joseph Wilson has said several times that although Karl Rove might not be the person who originally leaked his wife’s name, he thinks Rove was definitely involved in pushing the story. Here’s how he put it to Ted Koppel last Wednesday:

What I have confidence in ? based upon what respectable press people in this town have told me ? is that a week after the Novak article came out, Karl Rove was still calling around and talking to press people, saying Wilson’s wife is fair game.

The gist of the message, as it was reported back to me right after the phone call, was “I just got off the phone with Karl Rove. He tells me your wife is fair game.”

Who was the reporter who said this to Wilson? According to David Corn, Newsweek will report tomorrow that it was Chris Matthews.

Needless to say, Matthews isn’t commenting, and this doesn’t really move the story forward much. Still, it’s one more name to add to the list.

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