HOW MANY BLOGGERS?….Via Road to Surfdom, here’s an interesting little survey about the nature of the blogosphere. The methodology is less than perfect, since it doesn’t include blogs that people host themselves (which includes most of the big name blogs), but even so there’s some interesting data:

  • Total number of blogs: 4.12 million.

  • Number of blogs that lasted only one day: 1.09 million.

  • Number of blogs that have been abandoned: 2.72 million

  • Of the 1.4 million remaining “active” blogs, only 106,000 are updated at least weekly.

  • Only about 50,000 are updated daily.

You should take all this with a grain of salt, but it’s still interesting. When I think of a blog I think of something that’s updated more or less daily, and it turns out there’s only about 50,000 of those, not the millions we usually hear about.