SURVIVIOR….So, how about a Survivor thread? Is anyone watching this season?

I’m enjoying it more than I did last season. The boys vs. girls thing didn’t do much for me, but watching the utter futility of the Morgan tribe this year is vastly entertaining. It’s like watching the ’62 Mets.

And when are they going to catch on and get rid of Osten? Sure, the guy’s a bodybuilder and has a lot of strength, but he’s obviously not much of an athlete and doesn’t add a lot even to the physical challenges. And mentally he’s a basket case. I mean, why the hell did he swim out to one of the puzzle pieces last night if he knows he’s not a good swimmer? What a nitwit. Here’s a tip: when someone starts whining about wanting to be voted out, vote him out! Sheesh.

And how about Rupert? I know he’s a big guy, but damn, he must be strong as an ox. One thing Osten does have going for him is raw strength, but last week’s challenge relied solely on strength and Rupert just blew him away. He barely even looked winded when it was over.

And he sews! And fishes! And he’s pretty shrewd too! He’s an interesting character, an adult trapped in a frat boy game. Should be fun to watch.

And I’m glad they got some chocolate last night. Everybody needs a little chocolate once in a while.