INSERT KEY BLUES….I’m really tired of accidentally hitting the Insert key when I’m really aiming for the Home, End, or Delete key.

Since I never actually use the Insert key, does anyone know a simple way of disabling it? I’m looking for something that doesn’t require me to run some dorky DOS process or other similar kludge. And in case it matters, I’m running Windows XP.

A solution will undoubtedly lower my annoyance level and therefore lead to higher quality blogging. Just thought I’d throw that in….

UPDATE: Thanks, Kenneth! The remapkey utility doesn’t allow me to disable the Insert key, but remapping it instead works fine. Problem solved.

UPDATE 2: Jeebus, folks, does everything incite a flame war these days? One puny little question about how to solve a problem on my PC and I end up with a couple of dozen long screeds on Macs vs. PCs. Give it a rest. I’m not an idiot (honest), and I use a PC for a reason. You’re not going to talk me into selling my car just because its dome light switch isn’t where I want it, either.

Now, for the people who asked how I could not use an Insert key, I’m not sure how to answer. Its primary purpose is to switch from insert mode to overstrike mode during text editing, and I never use overstrike mode. So when I hit the key by accident and keep typing merrily away, I end up erasing a dozen letters or so before I notice.

I do use the Insert key to paste text (Shift-Insert), but I’m just going to have to retrain myself to use Ctrl-V instead. I assume it will take only a day or two to change my habits.