READING THE TEA LEAVES….Armed Liberal examines the map of Saudi Arabia on the State Department web site today and notes with disgust that Israel is not labeled.

Far be it from me to go easy on the craven, striped-pants Saudi-loving weasels in our State Department ? as opposed to the craven, denim-clad Saudi-loving weasel in the White House ? but I notice that this map of Iran fails to label Turkey and this map of Egypt fails to label Syria. Contrariwise, this map of China does label Taiwan, and we all know how our mainland Chinese friends feel about that.

I dunno. I guess it might be part of some nefarious plot on the part of the State Department cartographic division, but it looks to me like they just didn’t have room. It would have taken about 3 point type to successfully label Israel, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip, which, needless to say, is exactly what they do on their primary map of the region right here. Let’s face it, guys: I really don’t think that United States policy toward Israel is in much doubt these days.

Of course, if you really want to do some Freudian analysis of the boys in the State Department, check out the fine map of Iraq on their main Iraq country page. I sure hope this isn’t some subtle sign of their future plans….

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