PANDERING TO RACISTS….In case you’re wondering what the Haley Barbour flap is about, I figure a picture is worth a thousand words. So here’s the picture.

The smiling guy in the middle is Haley Barbour, chairman of the Republican party from 1993-1997 and currently a candidate for governor of Mississippi. And where was Barbour when this picture was taken? Why, at the Black Hawk Barbecue and Political Rally, held on July 19 to raise money for ? wink wink, nudge nudge ? “private academy” school buses.

Still not clear on what the problem is? The BHBPR is sponsored by the fine gentlemen of the Council of Conservative Citizens, a bunch of well-known racist neanderthals based out of Missouri. I think most of my readers are probably aware of the CCC’s handiwork, but in case you aren’t you might want to visit their website and browse around. You can start with “In Defense of Racism,” and then head over to “the TRUTH about Martin Luther King,” and then finish up with “Angry White Female” and a report from the Mississippi chapter about how Abraham Lincoln was an imperialist warmonger.

You get the picture. As they themselves put it, “The C of CC recognizes that European Christian heritage is essential for the survival of our standard of living and way of life. There is no acceptable substitute for the civilization that has evolved through the Greeks, Romans, Celts, and Anglo-Saxons.”

And yet, as ArchPundit points out, Barbour is pretending that he is shocked ? shocked! ? to find out the CCC was behind this shindig and doesn’t even know who these CCC characters are. Give me a break.

I am well aware that most Republicans aren’t racist and are sick and tired of hearing from Democrats about the Southern Strategy and “codewords” and how their party panders to racists. I don’t blame them. But here’s the deal: if you want us to stop accusing the GOP of pandering to racists then stop pandering to racists, dammit. Send a loud message that a guy who represented your entire party for four years has no business hanging around with the human effluvia who make up organizations like the CCC and then pretending he has no idea what they’re all about.

It won’t wash, and it’s time to knock it off.

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