INTERNET WOES….Tough times here at Calpundit. A week ago we had a site meltdown, on Sunday we got hit by a spam robot, last night our hosting service was the victim of some scumbags who mounted a Denial of Service attack on them, and today response time is glacial due to a problem with SiteMeter. (The script that pings SiteMeter waits about 20 seconds before it finally realizes it’s not going to get a response and decides to allow the rest of the site to display.)

I dunno. Maybe this whole Internet thing isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

UPDATE: OK, I moved the SiteMeter code out of the main table and into its very own little table. It’s a kludge, but at least the page loads normally now.

(Yeah, I know, CSS is better. I chose to use tables a long time ago for compatibility reasons, and I don’t feel like learning CSS and reworking my entire template at this point. It’s just not worth it.)