SHUT UP!….The chancellor of UC Berkeley is in a fight with the UC Board of Regents. The subject of the fight is university admissions policies and whether or not Berkeley is trying to trying to weasel its way around California’s ban on affirmative action.

You can read the whole story here if you’re interested in the details, but check out this quote from everyone’s favorite regent after the chancellor sent a heated letter to the chairman of the regents:

Regent Ward Connerly, a key proponent of the state initiative banning affirmative action in public institutions, called the letter “impertinent.” The Berkeley chancellor “should be grateful he works for a university,” where he is protected by academic freedom, Connerly said.

Very smooth, Ward! Translation: we’d fire anybody who disagrees with us if we could. Unfortunately, that pesky academic freedom stuff gets in our way.

And how does a guy like this get to be a regent of the greatest public university system in the country? By having Arnold’s pal Pete Wilson appoint him, that’s how. Let’s hope that appointing UC regents is one area where Arnold doesn’t take any of Wilson’s advice in the future.

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