ESPN STRIKES BACK….This is really weird. I mentioned below that Gregg Easterbrook says ESPN has fired him (he wrote a column called “Tuesday Morning Quarterback” for their website), and based on a comment in that thread I hopped over to the ESPN site.

Try typing “Easterbrook” into their search engine. They haven’t just deleted his columns, they’ve actually written some special code to intercept the word “Easterbrook” and refuse to perform the search. You don’t get the normal “did not return any results” message, you get redirected back to their home page. (So, for example, if you were looking for this mention of actress Leslie Easterbrook, you’d never find it.)

I gotta say, regardless of what you think about Easterbrook or this particular controversy, this is positively Stalinesque. It’s one thing to fire a guy, it’s quite another to erase him from history.

This kind of technical response requires some very specific effort that doesn’t usually happen unless somone explicitly orders it, which makes it smack of some highly personal revenge. Easterbrook probably needs to explain himself further, but I have a feeling ESPN needs to as well.