WHY INITIATIVES SUCK….This is why I hate initiatives:

A little more than a week after angry Californians tossed out their sitting governor, a grass-roots campaign is gaining ground in a push to reverse a new law granting driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants.

A group of Republicans who were active in the recall effort said they had collected nearly 40,000 signatures in the two weeks since they began circulating petitions for the proposed ballot initiative. If volunteers can gather 375,000 signatures of registered voters by Dec. 7, the law will be suspended and voters will decide its fate in the March election.

I don’t really care about the driver’s license issue. What I do care about is the fact that every time some idiot group gets exercised about some idiot issue it ends up as part of the California constitution, immutable for all time unless some subsequent idiot group finally gets exercised enough to get rid of it. (Which happens approximately never.)

Capping property taxes at 1% or requiring a two-thirds vote to raise taxes ? regardless of whether I agree with them ? are big enough issues to deserve a place in the constitution. Driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants and after school programs aren’t. It’s time for an initiative to end initiatives.