LEFT BEHIND….Yesterday the Slacktivist reviewed pages 1-3 of Left Behind:

Note that Tim LaHaye’s wife is something of a professional misogynist. She runs the 500,000-member “Concerned Women for America” — jokingly referred to by its critics as “Ladies Against Women.” For years, while Beverly LaHaye’s husband pastored a church in San Diego, Mrs. L. spent most of her time 3,000 miles away, in Washington, D.C., running a large organization committed to, among other things, telling women they should stay at home and sacrifice their careers for their husbands. She is not an ironic woman and doesn’t seem to find any of this inconsistent. (Nor, as I found out firsthand, does she appreciate jokes about the Freudian implications of the view from her L’Enfante Plaza office window. Sometimes the Washington Monument is just a cigar.)

Yeah, I know, that excerpt has nothing to do with the book. So sue me.

Anyway, today he reviews page 4-5. At this rate, this is going to be the longest book review in history. And he’s still got something like 9 or 10 volumes to go, right?

I’m betting he doesn’t make it past page 20.

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