MUSLIMS AND MORMONS: COMPARE AND CONTRAST….Since I can’t play tennis anymore I’ve been trying to walk a few miles every day. My biggest problem with walking is that it’s boring, so for my birthday Marian bought me a little radio that I could take with me and listen to the news or something. Today I used it for the first time and decided to listen to Rush Limbaugh.

Rush is in rehab, of course, so Tony Snow was sitting in and he took a call from Grand Rapids, Michigan. The guy is going on about the madrassas that Rumsfeld mentioned in his memo the other day, and says the real problem is, are we killing these folks faster than the schools can make them?

Hmmm, says Tony Snow.

Yeah, says the caller. Basically, Rumsfeld is a pussy, and what we ought to be doing is bombing the madrassas, not bribing them or working with them.

Hmmm, says Tony Snow.

It’s like the Mormons back in 1840, says Grand Rapids. They refused to accept the American way of life, they each wanted like 25 wives or something, so we took care of them.

Um, well, says Tony Snow, but bombing schools is really not the American way, is it? We, um, need to break for a commercial.

Charming choice of topics by Rush’s screeners, isn’t it?