CYBERSEX ADDICTION….My friend Professor Marc sent me a clipping today from Monitor on Psychology with the scrawled question “Do these numbers sound high to to you?” in the margin. Here’s the paragraph in question:

Overall, about 6 percent of Internet users are compulsive in their online behavior, and about half of those are sexually compulsive, Greenfield said. Men and women engage in cybersex about equally, he added. [No kidding. –ed]

Well, let’s break those numbers down:

High? Yeah, that sounds like it might be a teensy bit high. Either that or else cybersex addiction is sneaking up on old standbys like booze and drugs mighty fast.

UPDATE: On a slightly more serious note, I see that these figures were garnered from an online survey done in 1998, which means they are essentially worthless. Why is this guy continuing to present trash like this at an academic conference five years later?

And on a slightly less serious note, here’s a test to find out if you have a problem with internet use.