THE WHITE HOUSE MEMORY HOLE….Yesterday Atrios reported an odd thing: someone at the White House had modified their website so that items related to Iraq were no longer indexed by search engines such as Google. You could still get to these items by going to the White House site and searching for them there, but you couldn’t get to them by searching via Google.

I scratched my head. What’s the point of that? And didn’t they do some fudging around with their website a couple of months ago too? What’s going on?

Today, Jesse Berney puts the pieces together. It does make sense and it is related to their earlier shenanigans: they want to make it harder to get caught if they do something like that again.

The word “Orwellian” gets tossed around too often, but this really fits. These guys are a real piece of work.

UPDATE: Apparently there’s an innocent explanation for this. More here.

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