IDS IS CONFIDENT!….BUT IDS LOSES ANYWAY….The Tories finally officially revolted yesterday and called for a vote of confidence in their leader, Iain Duncan Smith. So how did today’s voting go?

Arriving at the meeting, Mr Duncan Smith told reporters: “Confident? I have never been anything else. It’s like a sort of gladiatorial thing, isn’t it?”

Mr Duncan Smith himself went to vote at 3.43pm. Emerging from committee room 14, he declared: “I did vote for myself.”

The shadow chancellor, Michael Howard, favourite to succeed Mr Duncan Smith if he is ousted, said: “I voted for Iain.”

The shadow home secretary, Oliver Letwin, who followed him out, said: “I voted for IDS, you will be amazed to hear.”

The shadow deputy prime minister, David Davis, also said he had voted for the Tory leader.

Wow! It sounds like everyone voted for IDS!

Nope: it was 90-75 against. And that means you won’t have to read any more IDS posts from me.

On the other hand, there’s now the contest to see who the fourth Conservative leader in eight years will be. The excitement is mounting….