LIBERAL HAWKS….Michael Totten, noting that Zell Miller, Roger Simon, and Cara Remal have endorsed President Bush, says this:

Democrats: You had better snap out of denial and get your act together fast. You are in so much trouble and you have no idea.

A DINO senator and two bloggers have endorsed Bush. I’m sure the DNC is quaking in its boots over this, Michael.

Seriously, though, my readers know that I’m moderately hawkish myself ? certainly more hawkish than most of my commenters, as near as I can tell. But if you want to know why I don’t have much time for the Christopher-Hitchens-disaffected-liberal schtick, here’s the above mentioned Roger Simon talking about the Democratic candidates for president:

…here’s why I think they’re dangerous?they’re acting like we’re still in Vietnam when we’re in a real war of civilizations.

Look, guys: if you think we ought to use military force to fight terrorism, I’m with you. But if you think we ought to use that same military force as part of a war of civilizations, count me out. Way, way out. That’s not any kind of liberalism I’m familiar with.

And if you want to know why George Bush scares me ? despite the fact that I wasn’t wildly opposed to invading Iraq and very much hope that we can make the reconstruction work ? it’s because I’m afraid he agrees with Roger. He’s too smart to say it, but I’m afraid it’s there anyway.

And that’s a brand of Kool-Aid I’m not drinking. You’ll have to find yourselves another sucker for that particular poison.

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