MADELEINE ALBRIGHT INTERVIEW….The LA Times has an interesting interview with former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright today. I’ll just excerpt a couple of passages. First, some red meat for the liberal Bush haters:

I try very hard to stay out of the “was 9/11 our fault, was 9/11 their fault” debate, because I find it useless. But when we did transition briefings, the Bush administration was not interested in what we were telling them about terrorism. They were quite surprised when they saw how much time we spent on it. They really did not believe that they’d have to spend as much time.

And now something for the conservative France bashers:

I think France is a fascinating ally. They really do have delusions of grandeur, and there is a jealousy of us. But ultimately, if you work to persuade them, they are good allies. It is very easy to get at cross-purposes with the French. I fully believe that [French President Jacques] Chirac is as responsible as George Bush for the failure in getting U.N. support for this war, because if you have Chirac saying, “I will veto anything that comes down,” and Bush saying, “I don’t care what the Security Council says,” then they’ve announced in advance that they aren’t going to have anything to do with each other.

She doesn’t think much of Yasser Arafat either.