LUSKIN AND ATRIOS MAKE UP….Well, this joint statement from Atrios and Donald Luskin is definitely one of the oddest I’ve seen in a while:

We both regret a series of misunderstandings that have resulted in something that neither of us intended. We have discussed our differences, and both of us are confident that such misunderstandings will not occur again in the future. As a result, Mr. Luskin is retracting his demand letter of October 29, 2003. We congratulate each other on having quickly achieved an amicable resolution. We are both glad to have put this behind us.

Misunderstandings? Unintended results? Discussed our differences? Amicable resolution?

That’s about as mysterious as it gets, isn’t it? Don’t you wish you could have been a fly on the wall while those emails were crisscrossing the wires?

In any case, accusing Paul Krugman of condoning anti-semitism is still quite enough for me to think that Luskin has jumped the shark and needs to be put out to pasture. The letter to Atrios was just icing on the cake.

UPDATE: Yes, there are quite a few mixed metaphors in this post, aren’t there? Feel free to mock at will.

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