RADICAL LEFTIES….I guess when you write a book you have a natural tendency to become pretty sensitive to your subject matter, but doesn’t David Bernstein’s apprehension here seem just a tad breathless?

But my ultimate concern is that the radical Left would like to bring to society as a whole the kind of authoritarianism they are constantly trying to, and sometimes succeeding in, bringing to universities. Universities are their friendliest turf, but the ultimate goal, to be achieved through “harassment” law, hate speech rules, and changes in First Amendment jurisprudence, is to have the government enforce PCism throughout society.

You really have to watch out for those radical lefties, don’t you? Why, with the exception of every branch of government, most churches, the military, unions, corporations, and the media ? yes, except for those few minor institutions they’re practically everywhere!

What’s to be done about this threat to the American way of life?

UPDATE: Nathan Newman thinks I’m being too soft and points to an area where speech control really is a problem. And ? surprise! ? it’s not the radical lefties who are at fault.