RESTARTING THE WAR….Josh Marshall has been connecting a few dots and thinks that the shit is going to seriously hit the fan in Iraq pretty shortly. Bottom line: they’re going to put the reconstruction on hold and restart the war.

This is speculative, of course, so go read for yourself and see if you think he makes sense. And stay tuned.

UPDATE: On a similar note, CNN has a pessimistic report about Iraq tonight:

A recent CIA assessment of Iraq warns the security situation will worsen across the country, not just in Baghdad but in the north and south as well, a senior administration source told CNN Tuesday.

The report is a much more dire and ominous assessment of the situation than has previously been forwarded through official channels, this source said. It was sent to Washington Monday by the CIA station chief in Iraq.

I have a funny feeling that we’re not going to be hearing too much about how the liberal media is ignoring all the good news coming out of Iraq anymore. This really sounds grim.

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