THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW….I just got back from seeing Master and Commander, which was OK, I guess. Sort of like Wrath of Khan set in 1805 or something. How’s that for a review?

During the previews I noticed that next summer Los Angeles will be getting hit by yet another disaster, although apparently this time we share it with the rest of the world in a movie called The Day After Tomorrow. Unfortunately, as if the fact that it comes from the same team that made Independence Day isn’t proof enough, the title guarantees that it will suck.

See, Robert Heinlein wrote a pretty wretched novel in 1949 called The Day After Tomorrow (good guys invent a death ray that only kills Asians), and Allan Folsom wrote a really wretched novel in 1994 also called The Day After Tomorrow. The Folsom novel contains my favorite final sentence ever:

The severed, deep-frozen head of Adolf Hitler.

Huh? Isn’t that great? Doesn’t it make you want to go right out and read the other 595 pages of the book?

Anyway, I don’t think anything good has ever come from that title, so based on that I think you can skip the movie next summer and save yourself $9.50. No need to thank me.

POSTSCRIPT: $9.50?!? What’s going on here? Have we finally reached Manhattan prices here in Orange County, or do movies now cost 20 bucks in the Apple?

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