RE-REGULATION?….Howard Dean thinks there’s a case to be made for regulating large corporations:

In an interview around midnight Monday on his campaign plane with a small group of reporters, Dean listed likely targets for what he dubbed as his “re-regulation” campaign: utilities, large media companies and any business that offers stock options. Dean did not rule out “re-regulating” the telecommunications industry, too.

He also said a Dean administration would require new workers’ standards, a much broader right to unionize and new “transparency” requirements for corporations that go beyond the recently enacted Sarbanes-Oxley law.

“In order to make capitalism work for ordinary human beings, you have to have regulation,” Dean said. “Right now, workers are getting screwed.”

I don’t have any real comments on this until he gets more specific. I’m in favor of requiring companies to expense stock options and I also support efforts to liberalize the right of workers to unionize. Utility and telecoms regulation, on the other hand, I don’t know much about, and I’m pretty agnostic about media regulation (although it’s worth noting that a lot of people on both left and right were ? and are ? opposed to the FCC’s plans to loosen media regulations).

But I do have one big complaint: is Dean really calling this a “re-regulation” campaign? That’s just a horrible name. Have we learned nothing about the use of language from Newt Gingrich?

Surely a few minutes thought could have provided him with a better name for this. I invite my readers to peruse Newt’s list of positive words and come up with something.