HELP OUT THE STRIKERS….If you’d like to help out the striking supermarket workers here in Southern California, go here and donate to their Thanksgiving turkey fund. They deserve your support.

And while we’re on the subject, check out this story about the “mutual aid” agreement that the supermarket chains made before the strike:

The pact basically says that if one of the three chains reaps added business during the dispute, it will share some of that money, according to some Wall Street analysts who follow the companies closely.

….”I will acknowledge that there is an agreement, but we’re not going to say anything about it,” said Gary Rhodes, a spokesman for Cincinnati-based Kroger. “I’m not going to characterize it, nor provide any details about it.”

Sounds like they’re really proud of this little deal they cooked up, aren’t they?

Bottom line: secondary strikes are illegal but collusion between employers isn’t. It’s yet another way in which current labor law favors management over workers.

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