LYING LIARS….On the other hand, one of the virtues of WorldNet Daily is that they link to fascinating stories like this one from the Newport News Daily Press:

Browsing the magazine racks in the library last week, John Callaghan, 77, was so disgusted with the cover picture on The Advocate, a national gay and lesbian newsmagazine, that he ripped it off and took it home with him.

….Callaghan, a resident of Ford’s Colony, said he got mad when he saw the cover featuring a black man and a white man, both bare-chested and muscular, leaning in to kiss each other.

….Callaghan said he didn’t know he broke the law. When informed of the possible punishment, he said he’d “have to think about going to jail.”

“It would depend where they would send me and if they had TV with football on it, that would be important,” he said. He said he didn’t have $2,500 and still has the magazine cover.

“They don’t have witnesses that I did this,” he said, “and I’m not sure I did it.”

Man, someone needs to give this guy some lessons in lying.