RUSH BEHIND BARS?….Will Rush go to jail for money laundering? Drug expert Mark Kleiman says it could happen and explains (a) the law and (b) the agency politics.

Like Mark, I’d actually prefer that this be an opportunity for “lock ’em up” conservatives to do some soul searching about their attitudes toward drug policy rather than an excuse to toss Rush in the can, but on the other hand if a Rush trial moved Kobe and Jacko off the front page it might be worthwhile.

And thanks also to Mark for pointing us to professional moralist William Bennett’s explanation of why Rush’s actions weren’t as bad as Bill Clinton’s:

“He was manly,” Mr. Bennett added of Mr. Limbaugh. “He was straightforward.”

He was manly? Is that what you call threatening your housekeeper when she starts to have second thoughts about acting as your supplier? And straightforward? Sure, after he was caught, same as Bill.

I guess Bennett thinks that Arnold’s groping was OK too. After all, it doesn’t get much more manly than that.

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