SUNSET….Isn’t this nice? That was tonight’s sunset as seen across our little artificial lake here in Woodbridge.

(This is not the view from our house, however. As near as I can tell, a house that fronts on the little artificial lake costs about $200,000 more than ones that don’t. I’m not nearly that fond of water.)

Taking the picture wasn’t too hard: I just walked over to the lake and snapped the shutter. On the way home I found our wayward cat roaming around and managed to snag him, but then discovered that I had locked myself out of the house. And naturally, when we left the house yesterday to spend Thanksgiving with my father-in-law, we had made sure to close and lock all the windows.

So I let Inkblot go, at which he point he darted into our neighbor’s yard, and eventually I figured out that our upstairs bedroom window was open. Good thing I wanted to get some air this morning. Except I didn’t have a ladder to get on the roof, because the ladder’s in the garage, which can only be opened with the garage door opener, which is in the car, which is in the garage. Eventually I put together a rickety pile of lawn furniture and hoisted myself onto the patio cover and then to the roof, where I crawled in through the upstairs window. Inkblot was long gone by then, of course.

Believe it or not, this has happened to me about half a dozen times. Yes, I’m an idiot. Tomorrow I’m really, really going to get an extra housekey made, just like I keep telling myself every time this happens.


UPDATE: Inkblot has now meandered back. Must have gotten hungry or something. We go through this routine with him a lot.

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