THE REAL WORLD….And speaking of Matt, he reminds me to link to this Mark Steyn piece that I meant to link to earlier but forgot about. It’s pretty remarkable.

In outline, it’s fairly ordinary loony-hawk stuff: we need to take out Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, and North Korea, and we need to do it sooner rather than later. (And we would if it weren’t for that pacifist Tony Blair!) This is pretty standard stuff from the hawks, actually, and I guess it’s a sad commentary that this kind of thing hardly even strikes me as worth responding to anymore.

No, what’s really remarkable is that Steyn can crank out 2,000 words about toppling five separate regimes without once acknowledging that the war in Iraq has taught us any lessons. Like, say, that getting rid of a regime is relatively easy compared to installing a new one and that the Bush administration hasn’t demonstrated singular competence in this area.

You’d hardly think that even an ?ber-hawk like Steyn would have the chutzpah to ignore this, but he does. We should “accidentally” bomb Syrian targets, we should promote revolution in Iran, we should encourage the House of Saud to tear itself apart, and we should do some unspecified things in Sudan and North Korea ? unspecified but presumably nasty. And we should do all of this right now ? and without even a nod to what happens after these regimes are toppled or whether we have any chance of controlling post-toppling events.

It’s breathtaking. It’s almost like the real world doesn’t even exist for these guys.