LIBERAL VALUES….Laura Nichols, vice president for communications at the Center for American Progress:

“Although it’s taken 30 years of debate within their ranks, conservatives have a broad outline of what they believe in ? smaller government, less taxes, family values,” Nichols said. “You would be hard pressed to come up with that on our side. On the left, we have a general agreement on the issues but we’ve made the mistake of substituting a laundry list.”

Well, aside from the laundry list, what are the core values of liberals? For me, I suppose it would be a desire for a certain minimum level of personal security for everyone, a basic sense that the rich and powerful shouldn’t be allowed to game the system too much, and an end to senseless discrimination against women, gays, blacks, etc.

In other words, make sure everyone gets a little something, don’t let the rich steal too much, and give everyone a fair shake. But that’s just me.

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