FASCISTS….I just headed over to Matt Yglesias’ site and found a bunch of interesting stuff:

  • I’m a fascist. How did they find out?

  • There’s a blog contest going on and you can vote for me here. Oddly, though, I’m not listed in the “Best Fascist Blog” category, although I suppose if I were really a fascist I’d have no need for all this voting folderol anyway.

  • Jonathan Chait is also a fascist. Pretty good writer, too.

  • Even Paul Wolfowitz is a bit of a fascist under that tough neocon exterior. Oddly enough, I agree with Matt on this: I don’t like Wolfowitz much, but in a lot of ways I find him more consistent and more sympathetic than most of the other administration hawks. I guess that’s not saying much, though.

Oh, and Matt is a fascist too.