GETTING ANGRY OVER CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM….Professor Bainbridge is distressed that two Supreme Court justices appointed by Republicans have upheld the McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform “monstrosity.” His solution? We must be sure to vote for a Republican in 2004. In fact, we should vote for the very Republican who signed this bill into law.

Well, he’s not a professor of logic, so I guess that’s OK. But although I’m mostly just poking fun here, there’s a part of his complaint about this ruling that really does strike me as peculiar:

Despite my disagreements with many of President Bush’s policies – both foreign and domestic – making sure that he is re-elected just became Job 1.

I can sort of understand the “liberal hawk” syndrome, where otherwise progressive folks decide that toughness against terrorism is so vital that they jettison their dislike for Bush and throw their vote to him regardless. But doing that over a campaign finance reform bill?

I’ve never met a single issue voter whose single issue was campaign finance reform. Now I have.

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