DRAT?….I confess that I’m perplexed by the reaction of the Democratic candidates to the capture of Saddam Hussein. Amy Sullivan says it “could best be described as a collective ‘Drat,’” and that seems like a pretty reasonable assessment based on this New York Times roundup of candidate reaction.

But why? Even aside from the fact that it really was unalloyed good news, aren’t these folks bright enough to realize that they damn well ought to at least pretend that it was unalloyed good news? Only Dean and Clark struck the right tone ? which might explain why they’re frontrunners and the others aren’t ? and I gather that even Dean sounded a bit grudging in person. (I didn’t hear him, I only read the transcript.)

A tin ear for what people want to hear is not a good sign in someone who wants to be president. These guys could have done a lot better, and should have.

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