NO MORE WOLFOWITZ?….Robert Novak says that Richard Lugar is the leading candidate for Secretary of State in the second term of a George Bush presidency, and then adds this:

A footnote: Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz, once thought to be in line for the top job at either State or Defense in the second term, is reported to have lost favor at the White House.

Needless to say, I have no contacts in Washington at all, but even so this seems right to me: Wolfowitz really does seem to be on the outs. But why?

Is it because he’s too hawkish? Because he’s genuinely committed to this whole democracy thing? Because he isn’t politically savvy enough to hide his actual views? Because he’s not pro-Israel enough? Because he was too friendly with Ahmed Chalabi and that didn’t work out so well? Because he’s been wildly wrong about almost everything related to post-war Iraq?

I can think of lots of good reasons. I just wonder which one it really is.