INVADING IRAQ….In an email to Armed Liberal last night I happened to mention that I was disappointed that war supporters had so unanimously managed to ignore the fact that no WMD has been found in Iraq. Before the war you could hardly blink without hearing about Iraq’s swimming pools of anthrax and battalions of mobile bio labs, but after the war ? almost overnight ? the whole thing was transformed into a humanitarian effort to rid the world of Saddam’s rape rooms. And all without even a trace of embarrassment.

It was just an offhand comment, but while I was toddling around buying Christmas presents today I started to wonder about this some more. Have any supporters of the war subsequently changed their mind based on the fact that Saddam didn’t, in fact, have any WMD? Offhand I can’t think of a single one.

Now, this is OK if you supported the war for other reasons and really didn’t consider WMD a deciding factor, but was this the case for every single prominent hawk? Was WMD really not an important issue for a single one of them?

Apparently not. But neither were Saddam’s rape rooms, after all, since there are plenty of other dictators in the world with similar ugly habits and nobody is suggesting we invade them. Hell, some of them are even allies.

So what was the real reason? And why did they all ? every one of them ? feel the need to make up a cover story?

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