SOULLESS….As Matt points out, Money magazine’s “best places to live” is really nothing more than “places most similar to Money magazine’s circulation demographics.” Nothing wrong with that, of course, just as there would be nothing wrong with Biker magazine picking the best cities based on the number of motorcycle mechanics per capita.

Anyway, I’m certainly pleased to see that my very own Irvine is #5 on the list for Western cities over 100,000 population, but Matt just lets his jealousy show when he calls it a “soulless exurban sprawl zone.” Silly Matt. It’s actually a master planned soulless exurban sprawl zone. In other words, that’s exactly the way we want it.

Kinda makes you tingly all over, doesn’t it? Or is that hives? Still, there are bigger issues afoot: how did Anaheim beat us out for the #2 slot with a measly $52,000 median income? Sure, they have Disneyland, but they also have the wretched California Adventure ? and it’s been literally months since the Angels won the World Series and the Ducks won the Western Conference. What were Money’s computers thinking?

(And Anchorage? What’s up with that?)