FACT CHECKING THE FACT CHECKERS….I guess AP has decided to assign a writer to “fact check” each of the Democratic debates. This isn’t such a bad idea, really ? although I’d like to see them do the same thing for presidential addresses ? but their execution has been mind numbingly juvenile. Other people have already piled onto today’s story, but here’s my favorite part:

[Kathleen Hall] Jamieson, who has been tracking misstatements in each debate, said Lieberman “is being the most careful about what he’s doing with his numbers.”

But she faulted him for calling Bush the worst environmental president in history. “Clearly, hyperbole,” she said, noting, for example, that America’s water quality was so bad 100 years ago that it threatened lives.

You read that right: Bush isn’t actually the worst environmental president in history. You can find a few worse ones if you go back to the McKinley administration.

Like I said, this kind of thing could actually be a public service if it were done well and applied to both sides. AP obviously doesn’t have any writers capable of doing that, however, so they really ought to just knock it off.