OVERRATED?….OR JUST BAD?….Robert Tagorda is annoyed at RealClear Politics for awarding the Los Angeles Times only second place in their “Most Overrated Editorial Page (Large Market)” competition. He thinks they probably should have come in first.

I disagree. I think it’s true that the Times’ editorial page is pretty weak, but as near as I can tell practically everyone else thinks it’s pretty weak too. So it might be bad, but it’s not overrated.

My own pet peeve with the editorial page, in addition to its general flabbiness, is its longtime habit of running three editorials, the third of which is some kind of jokey, Andy Rooney-ish observation about something in the news. They mostly read as if they were written by a third-rate student newspaper and literally make me cringe when I come across them. If they can’t think of three subjects a day to write serious editorials about, they really ought to just give up and turn the space over to the letter writers.