COMMENT PERMALINKS….A few days ago someone emailed me to say that it would be nice if there were permalinks to individual comments. That did sound nice, but as with so many other good suggestions about my site it required technical knowledge that I didn’t have.

Today, though, via Outside the Beltway, who got it from Wizbang, who in turn got it from the agreeably-initialed kd at Hooha, I acquired the minimal knowledge needed to implement this feature. Each individual comment now has a permalink that you can use if you feel like directing your withering scorn toward a specific piece of egregious buffoonery in the comments section.

Technology marches on.

UPDATE: For future reference, here are instructions on how to do this in a Movable Type blog:

  1. In the Comment Listing template, right above the <$MTCommentBody$> tag, add the following tag:

    <a name=”<$MTCommentID$>”></a>

  2. Then, right after the “Posted By” text, add the following tag:

    <a href=”<$MTEntryLink$>#<$MTCommentID$>” target=”new”>PERMALINK</a>

  3. Save the Comment Listing template.

  4. Do the same thing in the Individual Entry Archive template. (However, there’s no need to include target=”new” in the tag. This is done in the Comment Listing template, which controls the popup comment window, so that if you click the link the post appears in a new window, not in the comment window itself.)

  5. The new PERMALINK tag will show up immediately in the comment popup window, but in the individual archives pages it will show up only in new posts. If you want it to appear in all your old posts, you’ll have to rebuild your site.

That’s it!

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