CHENEY, ROVE, AND DELAY….Brad DeLong has some additional excerpts from the Paul O’Neill book, ending with this observation:

Interesting how in this telling of the story it is Cheney who shows up as the heavy, uninterested in domestic policies that are good for the country and uninterested in running the kind of honest process that Cheney ran so well for Gerald Ford.

Indeed. So here’s a thought: George Bush seems to be personally untouchable. He’s an amiable guy who acts tough but talks about compassion, and lots of people seem to like that.

So perhaps the Dem candidates should quit attacking Bush and turn their guns on the scarier guys behind the throne who seem to actually run things. My choices would be Cheney, Karl Rove, and Tom DeLay. These guys definitely don’t share any of George Bush’s famous charm, and if we put them front and center where they belong maybe more people would start to understand what’s really going on behind the happy face that the Republican party uses to front its policies.

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