TAX CUT FEVER….Via Max Sawicky, it seems that Howard Dean is floating the idea of a cut in Social Security taxes, to be made up by money from the general fund. Grover “I Never Met A Tax Cut I Didn’t Like” Norquist, however, has apparently finally met a tax cut he doesn’t like:

The idea of financing tax relief to the middle class through general revenues was promptly ridiculed by Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform, a conservative Republican strategist who has close ties to the White House. “There is no money in the general fund. You are talking about bankrupting Social Security,” Norquist said.

Ha! We can’t have a tax cut because because we’re running a huge deficit and we don’t have the money? We’ll all remember that the next time George Bush proposes a tax cut despite the fact that we have deficits in the general fund as far as the eye can see.

It’s funny that the tax cut jihadists never seem interested in cutting Social Security taxes, isn’t it? And that’s despite the fact that Social Security is currently running large surpluses.

Of course, a cut in Social Security taxes wouldn’t benefit the rich, would it?