SOME ADVICE FOR THE DEMOCRATS….24 is a repeat this week, undoubtedly due to State of the Union counter-programming strategery by Fox, so that gives me time for one more post tonight.

And what I feel like posting about is the crappy Democratic response to the SOTU. Why was it so crappy?

To be sure, part of it was the speakers themselves. And the speech itself wasn’t so hot either. Plus the decision to have both Pelosi and Daschle speak probably wasn’t very smart. But I think there’s an even bigger problem.

When the president speaks, he does it in a big room full of people. He’s addressing those people, they clap and cheer, and there’s a lot of natural energy surrounding the whole thing. This is what the response needs.

Now, back in my marketing days I used to enjoy talking to groups. I don’t know why, I just did. But practicing speeches was entirely different. I almost never did it, and when I did I was horrible: wooden, stuttery, and joyless. Much like tonight’s performance. But put me up on a stage with real people in front of me and I was fine.

I think that’s what the response needs. The Democrats should have rented a ballroom or something, invited a few hundred party stalwarts (at 500 bucks a pop!), and delivered a real speech to a real audience. Instead of a deathly quite soundstage and an unblinking camera, they could have used the energy of the room the way any good speaker does.

So that’s my advice: pick a good speaker, write him/her a good speech, and then deliver the speech to a real audience. I personally guarantee results.