THE SCREAM?….It’s really, really hard to keep up with the conventional wisdom about Howard Dean’s infamous post-Iowa screamfest.

The initial CW was: what a loon.

Then The Scream hit the big time, repeated by every talk radio host and late night comic in the country. Revised CW: he’s insane, unelectable, doomed, and unfit to be president.

Then people like me, who hadn’t seen The Scream live, finally got around to watching it. Our CW: it didn’t seem all that bad. Loud room, raucous crowd, plenty of energy. Sure, it might have been a little over the top, but not really worth all the attention it got.

Then the CW shifted again: Dean isn’t doomed. In fact, a new, more serious Dean is now quietly gaining back support in New Hampshire.

Today, though, Matt Yglesias says we’re all wrong: “I watched the thing live on television and it really was weird and frightening — the initial CW was totally correct.”

I’m so confused.

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