TRUTH IS STRANGER THAN FICTION DEPARTMENT….One of the great unreported stories of our time is how conservatives have made it almost impossible for liberals to make jokes anymore. Consider my previous post. After complaining about yet another attempt to remove evolution from state teaching guidelines I said:

Next up: parents dislike the proposition that white people used to enslave black people, so the word “slavery” will be removed from the Georgia curriculum. After all, it’s just a buzzword!

I guess I missed it, but in comments Dave Morgen points out that Georgia has a new high school history curriculum proposal too:

In the proposed changes, teachers will spend two or three weeks discussing the foundation of our country, with the remaining time devoted to studying events from 1876 to the present.

….Search in vain for discussion of the Civil War; that topic is off limits. In a course entitled “American History,” students will not study our most devastating war. There is no mention of Fort Sumter, Abraham Lincoln, Robert E. Lee or anything else associated with those years.

Dammit, I was joking! Or trying to, anyway. But how can you make a joke when conservatives continually manage to make real life stranger than fiction?

Anyway, it’s probably just a coincidence that the period from 1800 to 1876 is the one that got dropped. We liberals tend to get awfully paranoid about these coincidences, don’t we?

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