EENY MEENY MINY MOE….Being the liberal sort that I am, I’m pretty sympathetic to the commonsensical notion that blacks and other minorities have suffered considerably from both de facto and de jure racism in the past and continue to suffer from de facto racism today. Furthermore, we as a society should be willing to do something concrete about this instead of just conveniently pretending that a faux colorblindness will make it all go away.

At the same time, we need to show a lot less tolerance for manufactured racial outrage from the kind of people who insist on being offended as often and as loudly as possible just on general principle. This kind of thing reduces racism to trivia and actively hurts our chances of making progress in the future toward a genuinely colorblind society. We shouldn’t put up with it simply for fear of being attacked ourselves.

David Bernstein has an example today. If anybody knows of extenuating circumstances surrounding this story, let me know.