VALERIE PLAME UPDATE….Via Josh Marshall, UPI’s Richard Sale claims that the FBI has uncovered “hard evidence” of misconduct in the Valerie Plame case by two people in Dick Cheney’s office:

According to these sources, John Hannah and Cheney’s chief of staff, Lewis “Scooter” Libby, were the two Cheney employees. “We believe that Hannah was the major player in this,” one federal law-enforcement officer said. Calls to the vice president’s office were not returned, nor did Hannah and Libby return calls.

The strategy of the FBI is to make clear to Hannah “that he faces a real possibility of doing jail time” as a way to pressure him to name superiors, one federal law-enforcement official said.

Hannah, by the way, was supposedly one of the major players involved in stovepiping INC intelligence directly to Cheney, bypassing the CIA.

And as for “naming superiors,” there’s really only one superior to name, isn’t there? Cheney’s duck-hunting friendship with Antonin Scalia might come in pretty handy if Hannah decides to pull a Fastow and start squealing on his boss….

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