THE TORN DOCUMENT….I don’t want to go all Grassy Knoll-ish on you guys, but I thought it was worth pointing out a peculiar tidbit about the “torn document” that’s been the subject of so much attention lately. You’ll remember that this is the piece of paper that was mysteriously located by Bush’s campaign in 1999 and supposedly documents his attendance at national guard drills during 1972-73. You get points for drill attendance (2 points for each day of active duty, 1 point for each day of inactive duty), and those points are added up at the bottom of the official record. But on the torn document, no points are added up at the bottom. Why?

Beats me. But it does make you wonder, doesn’t it?

George Bush’s attendance record for 1973-74. It’s hard to read, but his points are added up at the bottom of the document just as you’d expect. He got a total of 35 points that year.
Conversely, Bush’s 1972-73 attendance record, the infamous “torn document,” is blank at the bottom. Hmmm….