WHAT IS JOHN LOTT DOING IN MY DAILY NEWSPAPER?….Dammit, why is the Los Angeles Times running an op-ed co-authored by John Lott? When are the op-ed editors of the world going to wake up and realize that Lott doesn’t deserve the use of their pages? There are plenty of pro-gun folks out there who can write op-eds just as well he can.

In case you care, the op-ed’s point was that every leading Democratic candidate has a pretty moderate stand on gun control. A good thing, no? Of course not. Why, at a think-tank breakfast in Washington recently, some of their “representatives” declined to answer questions about proposed handgun control laws in Chicago and DC. Obviously, “their true goals must be as extreme as ever.”

Jeebus. If they applied the same standard to every state-level issue that George Bush has declined to take a stand on they’d be comparing him to Idi Amin.

Note to Janet Clayton: give me a call the next time you’re considering running a Lott op-ed. I’ll fill you in. Or better yet, if your overseas phone budget is up to it, just call Tim Lambert directly. John Lott is really not a guy who deserves space in your newspaper.