“X PLACE FOR X HOURS ON X DATES”….Back in 2000 the Bush campaign hired a guy named Albert Lloyd to “scour” the archives for Bush’s National Guard records. Lloyd did so, found some new documentation, and come away satisfied. Here’s what he said back then:

Lloyd, who has studied the records extensively, said he is an admirer of the governor and believes “the governor honestly served his country and fulfilled his commitment.”

Today, after watching the White House’s performance with the payroll records, he’s not so sure anymore:

Albert C. Lloyd, a retired personnel officer in the Texas Air National Guard — who helped the White House review Bush’s file both in 2000 and recently — said “original documentation” would have been filed when Bush performed his duties stating exactly where they were performed and what he did. “The document goes to the payroll office and shows he performed at X place for X hours on X dates,” Lloyd said from his home in Austin.

Lloyd said he voted for Bush in 2000 but that he has not decided whether he will vote for the president again. “I’m not happy with him,” he said. He declined to elaborate.