DENTAL RECORDS….This is starting to get comical. Now the White House is releasing Bush’s dental records:

Bush’s staff provided copies of a one-page record of a dental exam, complete with drawings of the president’s teeth, that showed he was at Dannelly Air National Guard base in Montgomery, Ala., on Jan. 6, 1973.

The document is the first definitive evidence that Bush showed up at a base of the Alabama National Guard during a period of about 11 months, from May 1972 to May 1973, for which it was unclear how the president had fulfilled his military service.

So, guys, how about the rest of Bush’s file? No dice:

Communications director Dan Bartlett said the White House expects much in the file to already be in the public domain, but added that anything new concerning Bush’s attendance in Alabama would be released. But Bartlett — like McClellan — was emphatic that the White House had no immediate plans to open Bush’s entire file, which would include his Guard medical records.

“These are attempts to troll for personal records for partisan advantage. We’re not going to play,” Bartlett said. “The goal post is being moved.”

The goal post is being moved? From where? I distinctly recall Bartlett’s boss telling Tim Russert on Sunday “Yes, absolutely,” when asked if he would “authorize the release of everything.”

Anyway, what was Bush doing in Alabama in January. I thought he was back in Houston at that time?