GAY MARRIAGE….I hate to pick on a guest blogger, even a spousal one, but Calblog Husband is upset at the idea of gay marriage:

Now, under the guise of it being a “civil rights issue”, we are supposed to overturn 5,000 years of human history–and if you are against it, you are somehow a bigot, like George Wallace standing on the schoolhouse steps in the early ’60s. What will be the next step? If gays are allowed to marry because they have made a lifestyle choice, what about polygamy? What about group marriages? What about “marriage” being whatever I subjectively decide it is?

But that’s exactly what marriage is: it’s whatever we as a society decide it is. Unless you have a specifically Bible-centric view of what marriage is, you need to accept this simple reality: marriage is not a natural law, it is a human institution that’s defined by humans and subject to change by humans.

Slavery was a human tradition for 5,000 years too. So was child labor, the subjugation of women, and the divine right of kings. All of these are venerable human institutions that we recently decided to change. So why not marriage? Why shouldn’t we change it if that’s what we collectively decide to do?

As for polygamy and group marriages, the answer is simple: those will become legal if there’s ever enough collective pressure to make them so. So far there’s no sign of that.

What the City of San Francisco is doing is a publicity stunt. They are peacefully challenging the law in an effort to change public opinion, something that’s a rich tradition in American politics from both liberals and conservatives. When a court rules against them, as it almost certainly will, they’ll stop. So what’s the problem?

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